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We all have secret places – some in the world, some in our heads. Places where we can go when it all gets too much. Or a place where we hide the unthinkable.

Goat farmer, cheese maker and weaver Tristan Smith is working on her North Yorkshire smallholding when a chance visit by archaeologists exposes a skeleton in an abandoned WW2 bunker. But it’s not a wartime casualty.

Tristan becomes involved in the search for the truth about her predecessors, as DI Greg Geldard follows a trail from North Yorkshire to the Norfolk Broads. He is seeking justice for a long-dead victim; but another casualty is hunting for a new life and a safe place to start again.

My Review

I enjoyed this book, it was quite an unique storyline. I liked the main characters and I felt that the story being told from different viewpoints in different times was very engaging. Tristan who finds herself embroiled in a hunt to find out what happened to the skeleton found in a wartime bunker on her farm is a likeable character and her determination to keep a farm running is a great role model for female characters. Brought into look into the case is DI Greg Geldard whose journey into finding out what has happened leads him to not only listen to locals in the area with a story to tell but to journey to the Norfolk Broads to dig a little deeper and solve this crime. Then we have Rachel who is living on a houseboat and for me is a character who finds herself in a situation where she risks loosing everything that she wants. Her experiences have left her seeking solace but unfortunately she in unable to find that peace she so desperately needs. As her backstory is slowly revealed it becomes apparent why she is living the life she is and I had a lot of sympathy for her, although my fear for her was that history was repeating itself.

There was some significant topics discussed in this book and I think they were dealt with in an intelligent and empathetic manner. The descriptions of one of the main characters coping mechanisms was well described and therefore some of the content comes with trigger warnings. There was vivid descriptions of farming and the author’s knowledge of this was very interesting and made the setting on the farm excellent.

I enjoyed this book, I would recommend it to those who like a good murder mystery, although there are triggers for some relationship issues. Many thanks to the author, the publisher and Random Things Tours for a place on the blog tour.

The author

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